How to Make Small Business and Startup Promo Videos

Time is precious as a new business owner. Between creating your product or service and advertising it, there’s just so much to get done daily, especially if you have limited resources.

That said, social media marketing makes up half the work of running a small biz. You need to grow your online audience if you want your biz to survive and thrive in the digital age.

According to Forbes, 64% of SMBs say that video is their most effective type of marketing. Another 77% say that videos are an important part of their digital strategy.

Not sure how to make small business and startup promo videos that boost sales with minimal fuss? That’s okay—we’re here to help.

Plan Your Small Business Videos in Advance

Firstly, to maximize your productivity during the time you’re working, plan out your social media videos ahead of time. After all, new business owners can’t afford to waste time when time equals money.

How do you do this? Well, there are three steps involved:

  1. Write down the goal of your promo video, i.e. to grow your email list
  2. Write down the messages you’re trying to get across, i.e. 10% off all products for subscribing to your email list
  3. Use storyboarding to visualize your video frame by frame

You also need to decide whether you’d prefer to shoot original content or use stock imagery to cut your time down even further.

Use a Social Media Video Creation App

According to Campaign Monitor, 15% of small businesses claim that the owner executes all of their marketing. Only 57% have a dedicated in-house marketing team.

Are you currently performing all your digital marketing tasks? Consider using a social media video creation app to speed things up.

For example, Boosted by Lightricks offers a range of templates for various industries. Simply select your industry in the “Industry Preferences” tab, pick a template and upload your footage (or use their stock imagery) to produce a slick video.

Know what you want to achieve but not sure how to achieve it? The Boosted templates are also great for providing inspiration if you’re stuck for creative ideas.

Edit Your Small Business and Startup Promo Videos

Lastly, make some edits to enhance the video footage you’ve already got, regardless of whether you shot it yourself.

Here are some elements you might want to add:

  • Music to set the mood
  • Written commentary for consumers who watch videos with the sound off
  • Colored backgrounds that coordinate with your brand’s color palette
  • Your logo
  • Your website URL
  • Your social media handles
  • A filter to achieve a certain aesthetic

Keep in mind that it’s often the case that editing a social media video can take twice as long as recording one.

However, apps like Boosted can significantly reduce the time and energy that editing takes so that you can swiftly move onto the next task. Additionally, you can customize each element so that it aligns with your branding.

The Takeaway

New businesses often struggle for time but their constrained finances mean that they’re unable to outsource video marketing tasks.

Using a social media video creation app can make the process quick and easy so that they can delegate the extra time elsewhere.

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