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Cook up some new customers with captivating restaurant videos

If you’ve always wanted to advertise your restaurant through sophisticated videos, Boosted has got you covered with the ultimate video maker

Our free video maker for restaurants has been downloaded by over two million users and is an effective way to promote your business on social media, whether you have a presence on Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook (or all three!).

Mix together a restaurant video recipe that your audience just can’t resist in 3 straightforward steps:


Pick out a restaurant video ad template as the main ingredient

Our video templates have been exclusively curated for our subscribers so that you can create something entirely unique, whether it’s an attractive ad, behind-the-scenes vlog, or a showcase of your latest dish. You can also tailor your video to your business in just a few clicks by customizing the template according to your brand colors, fonts, and aesthetic.


Add a dash of stock images and video footage

Boosted works in partnership with Getty Images to bring our video makers a large library of high-quality imagery that they can utilize for each creation. Alternatively, you can upload and implement your own content to amp up the authenticity factor.


Sprinkle in some text, colors and music

Given that there are around 15 million restaurants in the world, effective video marketing provides you with a competitive edge. Explore various filters, music, and palettes with Boosted videos and then upload them directly to your social media account for convenience. In other words, it’s time to put on your chef hat!

Grow your restaurant food following with videos that get results

Restaurant videos are great for inviting viewers into your establishment and allowing them to get to know your brand virtually. But how do you build a video that translates to likes, comments, and paying customers?

That’s where our video maker for restaurants comes in. By creating gourmet-style moving pictures, you can build brand awareness and trust. This emotional connection will cement your relationships with existing customers as well as reach new customers.

There are four types of restaurant videos that get the best reviews online.

Tutorials: These “how-to” videos can demonstrate your expertise and offer immense value to your audience, i.e. “How to Make a Crème Brûlée.”

Vlogs: Behind-the-scenes content is popular because you’re giving your viewer a sneak-peek that not everybody has, i.e. “How the Kitchen Prepares for Valentine’s Day.”

Testimonials: Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool in offline and online marketing. Hearing the testimonies of existing customers can convince new customers to give your restaurant a try.

User-generated: This involves using the images or videos that existing customers have captured as part of your marketing materials. It successfully boosts brand credibility and trust.

Four Ways to Take Your Restaurant Videos From Fast to Fine Dining

  1. Create eye-catching content. All your visuals need to look good enough to eat (literally). Use text, filters and music to make your videos pop.
  2. Use subtitles. For any type of restaurant video, you need to include key information for potential customers, such as website URL, location, and/or opening hours. Subtitles can help communicate all the important details.
  3. Add relevant background music. Choose to have music playing in your video’s background that creates the same mood as the atmosphere in your restaurant. For instance, an Italian opera singer would align with a premium Italian restaurant.
  4. Keep in mind your publishing platform. Your video’s dimensions can be optimized for the platform where you decide to publish it. For example, the 16:9 landscape format is championed by Facebook and the 9:16 portrait is the perfect fit for Instagram Stories.

3 Restaurant Video Maker Tips

Get Clear on Your Goal

Knowing what exactly you’re trying to achieve with your restaurant video will help you to achieve it. If you’re trying to book out your function room, you could show footage of previous customers using and enjoying the room. On the other hand, if you want to grow your social media following, focus on building engagement through a series of recipes videos.

Make it Worthwhile

The only way that people are going to stop scrolling and watch your video until the end is if you offer value. Make them laugh, make them cry, or make them think so that they see your video (and your brand) in a favorable light.

Use Original Content

Through your video, potential customers want to preview the experience that they’ll get if they visit your restaurant. Therefore, shoot content of your restaurant that’s high-quality and enticing so this preview makes the maximum impact.

Easy-To-Personalize Restaurant Video Templates

Multiple Sound Clips and Music to Convey a Mood

Instant Access to Getty Images Stock Library

Quick Customization Options

Superior Design for Social Media Restaurant Videos

Content That Makes Potential Customers Drool

3 Restaurant Video Ad Types



This type of restaurant video is ideal for building interest for a new dish launch or upcoming event. They tend to be short, sweet, and leave a good taste in your mouth in preparation for the next announcement.


Special Offer

Special offer videos are designed to communicate your restaurant’s latest meal deal to increase footfall. You can pay to promote them via social media ads to get them in front of as many eyeballs as possible.


National Holidays

Dining out is a fun, social activity that people can often neglect when they’re busy. However, given that national holidays bring people together, many restaurants choose to produce videos based on Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving to maximize their revenue during these peak times.