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Grow your virtual classroom with grade-A teachers videos

Want to create online teaching videos that are a cut above the rest, but not sure how?

Boosted can take your equipment from chalkboard to smartboard with our free video maker for teachers.

Whether you’re a lifestyle coach, writing mentor, or curriculum tutor, each of our video designs are optimized for social media to ensure optimal reach and engagement. Boosted’s video maker will help any teacher produce professional videos really quickly!

Produce clear and concise video lessons in just 3 steps:


Pick a teachers video template

If you’re looking for professional-looking templates that aren’t available anywhere else, there’s no need to get your books out. Boosted’s online teaching videos are modern, eye-catching, and stand out from the crowd. The best part is that you can customize them according to your personal branding and style of teaching.


Gain access to pioneering stock imagery

Online teaching videos have to feature the individual in audio or visual form for them to work. However, just in case anybody’s marking yours, you can always integrate stock images or videos from our Getty Images library to level-up your aesthetic.


Personalize text, colors and music

Get creative and make your students excited to get to their desks by adding colors, text, filters, and music to your teachers videos. You can also upload your video directly to your Facebook or Instagram account or save it to your phone library to publish online later. It’s as easy as learning your ABCs!

Make your existing students smile and capture the attention of potential students with fun teachers videos

Online teaching videos don’t have to be boring. They don’t have to adhere to the typical lecture format where the student follows along with a Powerpoint presentation. In other words, they don’t have to be old-school. In the digital age, they can be fun, colorful, and even enjoyable!

That’s where our video maker for teachers comes in. By producing top-grade teaching videos, you’re opening up connections with your online audience. Results day can then consist of more likes, shares, and a classroom that’s bigger than ever before.

Teachers videos usually fall into three categories.

Short-form: This is a video that might be up to a minute long with a quick tip or interesting nugget of information for your students.

Long-form: This type of video is several minutes long and essentially serves as an online teaching class on a specific subject.

Ad: Typically from 30 seconds to a minute long, an ad can be used to advertise your teaching services to get more students on your enrolled list.

Five Ways to Wow Your Students With Online Teaching Videos

  1. Use interesting visuals. A teacher just talking in front of the camera can feel tiresome after a while. Mix things up with filters, text, animated graphics, and/or images that illustrate the topic that you’re discussing.
  2. Consider subtitles. A lot of social media users scroll their feeds with their sound turned off. Therefore, cater to this portion of your audience by including easy-to-read subtitles in your video.
  3. Keep it snappy. Unless you’re hosting a webinar, don’t assume that every teachers video needs to be lengthy to be a good lesson. Shorter videos serve shorter attention spans better.
  4. Optimize for your chosen platform. Adapt your video to the 16:9 dimension for Facebook, 9:16 for Instagram Stories, and 1:1 for your Instagram Feed for the highest possible quality.
  5. Be consistent. Build trust with your students by delivering valuable videos often. Host classes when you say you’re going to and be reliable to ensure the best attendance.

3 Teachers Video Shooting Tips

Invest in the Right Equipment

If you’re serious about online teaching for a living, consider grabbing yourself a decent camera and microphone. This equipment doesn’t have to cost a lot but it can take your videos from fuzzy and hard-to-watch to crystal-clear and easy-viewing.

Have Your Lesson Plan to Hand

Every successful teacher creates a lesson plan prior. Although, only the best teachers have their lesson plan to hand while they’re teaching so they can refer to it and make sure they’ve covered all the important details.

Stop to Engage

Sometimes you might make the mistake of getting into the groove and forgetting to check that your audience is still engaged. Break up the information with jokes, questions and anecdotes and your students will be glued to their screens, wherever they are.

Ready-To-Edit Online Teaching Templates

Collate Several Clips, Music, and Graphics for Teachers Videos

Access to Getty Images Stock Library of Images and Videos

Intuitive Customization Tools

Flawless Design for Teachers Videos

Innovative and Impressive Content for Teachers

3 Online Teaching Video Ad Types



This type of teachers video can effectively create interest for a new course or upcoming tutorial. They tend to be short and sweet and offer value for free, like an expert tip or piece of advice, to build trust and make viewers want to sign up fast.


Special Offer

Special offer videos help you to grow your audience by giving new students a discount to join a specific paid class or course. You can also opt to promote these via social media ads to expand your reach and ultimately increase sales.


Success Stories

This type of video communicates how one of your existing students has found success from your teachings. It works the same way as an online review to build trust and convince potential students that they can find the same success with you as their teacher.