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With 152 million users, Twitter is one of the most important social platforms for your business to have a presence on. And like all social platforms, you get out of it what you put into it.

So, if you really want to engage with users, gain tractions and plenty of RT (retweets) along the way, it’s time to upgrade your profile with some stand-out videos.

And what better way to do this than the Boosted App? With a vast library of images, themes and filters, you can create standout videos in just a matter of clicks.

And you’ll be using it time and again for your Twitter profile. After all, Twitter remains one of the best channels for sharing content, and video is high on the list, with 1.2 billion video views taking place every day, and growing.

So, whether you’re looking to get likes, followers or new customers, it’s time to take your Twitter profile to the next level, and here’s how…

Our professional video maker for Twitter explained in 3 simple steps:

Choose your layout
All the templates on Boosted are optimized for Twitter. Choose from hundreds of original layouts that you won’t find anywhere else. In a world of constant content, it pays to be authentic and original, and you will be rewarded in likes and a growing fanbase. Along with a layout, you can choose graphics, fonts and filters to create a video that works within your Twitter theme.
Add rich content
If you don’t have any content to get started with, don’t worry. Boosted users have access to Getty Images library of photos. This allows you to create rich content for your Twitter video ads, in a way that will help you share your story in an interesting and effective way.
Go ahead and upload
For life on-the-go, Boosted allows you to create great Twitter videos from the ease of your mobile phone and Tweet them directly when you’re ready. Linking and syncing with your Twitter profile, you’ll be able to approve, push and post videos any time you want to reach out online.
Inspire followers on your Twitter feed

Once you start using Boosted’s Twitter maker app for videos, you’ll see that there are many great benefits and features for being a member. It can save your preferences and layout, to ensure you keep a consistent theme, time and again.

We are always introducing new features in line with the evolution of Twitter, to ensure you stay on trend. Plus, we’ll give you plenty of inspiration for making videos for your viewers. For instance…

Product demonstrations: Don’t sell your brand, sell your story. The best way to do this is with product demonstrations that show how your business or product solves a problem.

Grow your presence: If you want to become an authority in your field, a video makers will help you grow your presence online. Better still if you can feature talking heads and leaders to give you some credibility.

Tap in to trends: Using Twitter insights you can tap into the latest trends and create videos around them. This may also include promotional and sales such as Black Friday.

Insider Tips for Next-Level Twitter Videos

Not all content is created equally of course. So, if you want to turn heads and catch the attention of social media users with our promo video maker, it’s time to level-up, here’s three ways how:

1. Use trending hashtags

Twitter is one of the best platforms for having regular hashtags to join a community. For instance, #Mondaymotivation #smallbusinesssunday #FF. These are all regular features. If you can build your video content around Twitter’s key moments of the week, you’ll have abetter chance of getting eyeballs on your content. As simple as that!

2. The 2 minute 20 second rule

Keep in mind that Twitter caps videos at 2 minutes 20 seconds. In reality, however, viewers switch off much sooner. Try and keep your video under a minute for the best results.

3. Use great music

Here’s a sneaky trick, if you can’t afford to buy a soundtrack or the rights to a popular piece of music. Upload your video to your business TikTok account and choose your song of choice. This will give you a 3-60 seconds of music that you can use. All you need to do is share the video to your Twitter account and users can enjoy it on this platform too!

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Twitter-Ready Video Ad Templates
Use Multiple Clips, Music, & More for Twitter Video Ads
Choose from Getty Images Stock Library for Twitter Images
Promo Video Customization for Your Twitter Ads
High-quality design for Tweeting out Video ads
Sleek & Trendy Twitter Content Perfect for Videos

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