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It’s time to grow your YouTube business with great video content

YouTube is the leading destination for online videos. With 5 billion views and 300 hours of videos* uploaded every minute, you’ll need to go the extra mile to stand out.

Boosted’s YouTube video ad maker app makes it easier than ever to produce binge-worthy YT videos to gain viewers and subscribers.

Optimized for YouTube, our video maker app is full of great features, filters and edit functions, to create bespoke content for your channel. If you’re trying to grow your likes, shares and subscribers, this is the app for you!

Our easy YouTube promo video maker app explained in 3 simple steps:


All the tools you need to get going

If you’re going to dazzle viewers, you’ll need a tantalising template to draw them in. Our huge collection of YouTube-ready templates is a great place to start. With easy-to navigate features, you’ll soon be making unique YouTube promo videos that bring your YT page to life. Whether you’re a novice, or have a creative streak, our intuitive user-guide is accessible for every level of skill.


Access to a library of world-class stock images and video

For a platform that’s all about visual content, you’ll need the best photography and video footage to showcase. Boosted users have the added benefit of access to Getty Images extensive library. Bolster your YouTube promo videos with professional looking visuals, and you’ll up your views, likes, and subscribers real fast!


Personalize YT videos with your brand preferences

Create original authentic content that’s customized to your brand palette and preferences. Our YouTube promo video maker app lets you to choose the fonts, filters, colors and music from our wide catalogue. When you’re finished you can instantly upload to your YouTube channel, straight from your smartphone. That’s the basics in three simple steps, but there’s so much more to enjoy and discover.

Why every business needs bespoke content for YouTube

Videos are the lifeblood of YouTube and the reason why 80% of marketers say it’s the most effective video marketing platform in the world. It’s never too late to level-up your marketing, with professionally-made videos to pull customers in. It’s the best way to showcase your product or brand, and invite customers in to your business.

In this age of user-generated-content, you don’t want to be left behind. Our social media video maker app for Android, iOS, & web / desktop provides all the necessary tools to get started, and noticed. There’s a world of opportunity that awaits, including the following videos:

Tutorials: Showcase your skills and share tutorials with existing and potential customers.

Products: Promote your products and show them in a way that only moving footage can achieve.

Promotions: Whether it’s Father’s Day content or exciting Black Friday sales, use YouTube for the wide-reach it has to communicate your promotional offers.

Six quick tips for creating bespoke YouTube promo videos

You don’t have to be qualified in graphic design or video editing skills, to create brilliant videos with our app. Here’s six inside-tips to get you started.

1. Wow them: You’ll need to hold your viewer’s attention for at least 30 seconds for it to count as a view on YouTube. So bring them in straight away with dazzling visuals that encourage dwell time.

2. Find your face: Viewers love personal content. Don’t be afraid to be the face of your business, or put another team member in front of the camera. A good way to reach YouTube viewers is to give it a personal element.

3. Use a sizzling soundtrack: Background music will bring your video to life and hold viewer’s attention a little longer.

4. Make sure videos are SEO: Drive traffic to your videos by ensuring your videos are SEO worthy. This includes answering the right questions within your videos, as well as the comment copy.

5. Customise content for YouTube: Like all social platforms, your YouTube channel deserves its own content strategy for its specific audience. Be sure to optimise videos to the recommended size, dimensions and resolution.

6. What’s your call to action? And finally, don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of your view. Ask viewers to subscribe, post a comment, or share with friends. And by the way, this also means taking the time to respond to comments as well!

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