Video Marketing Guide for Insurance Agents

The insurance industry is largely about finding and converting new clients, and video is an increasingly useful tool for the industry. Studies have shown that people are more receptive to video, and they’re more likely to make a purchase after seeing one on social media, which makes it ideal for insurers to reach wider markets.

It may seem like an unnecessary expense saved for the major insurers with million-dollar budgets, but it’s quite the opposite. With a savvy video marketing strategy guiding the way, you can build videos that engage your audience and showcase your insurance agency’s unique advantages.

Why Your Insurance Business Can Benefit from a Video Marketing Strategy

  • Social video marketing has become critical to any company that wants to reach their customers more effectively. Mobile is where your audience is over 3.5 hours a day on average, and, for every 6 out of 10 people, it’s also the preferred channel for consuming videos.
  • Moreover, if you want your messaging to stay with customers, video is the way to go – 95% of users can recall video content as opposed to just 10% who retain written content.
  • Whether you’re using video to explain complex insurance concepts or show how inexpensive your policies are, video is a good way for small businesses to break down stigmas surrounding insurance and create an emotional connection with your audience.

5 Tips on How to Construct a Good Insurance Marketing Video

  1. Start with Great Lighting: If the light where you intend on shooting isn’t consistent or bright enough, you can purchase a 3-point lighting kit on Amazon for just over $50. You can also change it up by shooting outside and taking advantage of natural sunlight.
  2. Make Sure You’re Being Heard: Unless you’re going vintage with a black-and-white silent film, you really need your sound to be crystal clear. Affordable wired or wireless lavalier microphones can be clipped onto the shirt of whoever’s speaking to pick up what he or she is saying with little background noise.
  3. Choose the right actor: Viewers are looking for more authentic content and choosing an actor from within your team is a good way to put a face on your brand. Still, it’s worth holding auditions within your agency to find out who’s most comfortable in front of a camera and who has the most potential to connect with your audience.
  4. Branding for the Win: You want your current and target audience to immediately connect your video to your brand once it starts playing. Stay consistent with the same font type, template, button design and logo in each video to create a synchronized, branded look.
  5. Simple Filming Device: Our very own Swish app is a super easy to use video maker which allows you to film and edit professional level promo videos from your phone – inexpensive and high quality – perfect for any SMB owner who doesn’t want to hassle with complicated equipment.

Tools for Creating an Insurance Marketing Video

Even without a professional video team behind you, there are tons of great applications and tools that let you build a terrific clip. In addition to standard cutting, pasting, and adding text, Android phone owners can use apps like Viva Video to turn existing footage into slow motion.

For iPhone users, Swish lets you create, edit and launch delightful video ads in just a few moments. If you’re serious about branding your videos right, Swish has your back with templates and the ability to upload your logo. You can add a creative touch with animations, built-in music and even stock videos for when your shooting goes awry.

When you’re done editing and adding sparkle to your video, the last step is uploading. Take a glance at your competitors to see where they’re posting and get an idea of which platforms are essential.

Examples of Successful Insurance Marketing Videos

Check out these 2 insurance marketing videos below, made to increase company visibility but in a fun and entertaining way:

Budget Direct: Travel Insurance Stunt

This hilarious video ad from Australian car, home and travel insurer Budget Direct follows a bumbling stuntman – Captain Risky – who messes up every stunt he tries without fail. The story that the insurer tells uses humor to capture its audience’s attention but also to make a point: Budget Direct won’t insure high-risk individuals like Captain Risky so that it can keep prices low.


Lemonade: Insurance Lenders in NYC

In “Lemonaders of NYC”, the home and renters’ insurance powerhouse interviews happy customers who have tweeted about Lemonade. By using grateful customers to tell the Lemonade story, the insurer weaves an upbeat narrative that touts its low prices, its intuitive interface and how fast its payouts are.

How Video Marketing Benefits the Insurance Industry

Insurance marketing faces two distinct challenges: firstly, standing out from the pack and secondly, convincing customers that they actually need insurance. Video ads address these challenges by telling engaging stories that customers enjoy and want to be part of. With video marketing, you have the power to show your target audience that with you, insurance can be fun, affordable, and empathetic.

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