Yoga Video Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for 2019

yoga video marketing guideYoga is a beautiful and calming journey that helps you relax, build discipline, and stay in great shape. Yoga is very visual, which makes it ideally suited to video marketing. Even so, there are hundreds of yoga studios and instructors out there, and it can be hard for you to stand out in the crowd.

One way to be unique? Having a focused yoga video marketing strategy that really shows what’s special about your yoga business and builds a connection with your target audience.

Why Your Yoga Business Can Benefit From a ‘Yoga Video Marketing Strategy’

Without going too far, the biggest advantage video gives your yoga studio is the increased brand awareness. Video is becoming the most popular way to consume content (streamed video will be over 80% of all internet traffic in just two years), and people can’t get enough of it. Over 50% of internet users look for video reviews of a product or service before they buy, and 64% will buy that product or service if they can find a video about it.

Video also sparks positive, familiar feelings in viewers who really connect with their yoga practice. Yoga is about balancing the mind, body, and soul and the yogi blends these ideas together through their practice. As the face of your studio, your videos build a brand that resonates with viewers and makes you a trusted source.  

Once you get the formula right and establish your recording and editing routines, you’ll find that organic video content is also among the most effective tools for search engine placement.

Tips & Ideas on How to Construct a Good Yoga Marketing Video

  • Research: Your audience wants to see specific things, and some competitor research will tell you what kind of video content viewers enjoy most. You may find that people aren’t watching educational videos and instead desire more inspirational and aspirational content related to personal progress, or that they prefer demonstration videos with more instruction.
  • Tidiness and Template: For every type of video you make, develop a familiar setting and series of events for viewers, consistent viewing angles, and sign-on or sign-off lines, which you’ll repeat for each video of that type. This strengthens your viewers’ connection with your videos and creates associations that make your audiences want to engage with your content.
  • Lighting is Key: Ensure that your lighting is even and illuminates the subject of the video well. This is the best tip for making your video look high quality, and if you have insufficient natural light in your studio, a 2-point lighting kit can be found for less than $100 on Amazon.
  • Get a Dedicated Mic: You’ll need to dictate the steps of your poses or speak to your audience, but this simply isn’t effective with the built-in mic on your smartphone. A lavalier mic works best because it features wireless connectivity to your recording device, is easily and subtly worn, and won’t pick up the rustle of clothing.

Tools for Creating a Yoga Marketing Video

The applications and other tools you use to produce your yoga marketing video will add brilliance, make videos easier to engage with, and help measure their reach as well. After you assemble the raw footage, use an editing software like Video Leap or Adobe to cut out scenes, add transitions, and add other media to the video. Sites like Canva or Sellamations provide custom animated elements that can be embedded into the video to reinforce the message and help with friendly branding.

Another great tool you can use to up your yoga studio’s social media profile is Swish Video App, a video maker which helps you create fun, fast, and effective video ads in a few minutes. As opposed to longer instructionals, these quick videos can highlight the things that set your practice apart, and be a great hook for new students.

Finally, uploading videos to YouTube and Vimeo are recommended because they provide excellent analytics tools to measure how viewers interact with your videos and help define what viewers prefer to watch. Make sure you know when to publish your video to YouTube.

Examples of Successful Yoga Marketing Videos

One of the hottest yoga studios in San Francisco created this yoga marketing video, which is a great example of plentiful lighting and excellent branding. With stunning visuals of the space and a word from the owner about accessibility (with accompanying videos of classes in session), the video communicates that Satori is welcoming for beginners.

This yoga marketing video illustrates the warm, fuzzy feelings that a well-done yoga marketing video can evoke, with warm lighting, tranquil music, and a home-movie-type feel. It also makes yoga “cool” with live action shots of clients in the studio’s various classes, in addition to people practicing yoga in neat spots around the city.

How Video Marketing Benefits the Yoga Industry

In an industry that faces stiff competition from within, video represents an undeniably effective medium for single studios to rise above the rest. Apart from attracting interest (and money) to the practice, video marketing channels can deliver value quickly. Yoga is about showing more than telling, and there’s no better way to tell than with video.

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