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Create an awesome online video commercial to advertise your small business

It’s no secret that good content ranks, especially sleek and professional advertisements. Yet, many of us don’t have endless budgets to hire advertising professionals and marketers to create online advertising campaigns for social platforms. Well there’s good news at hand – you don’t need to.

Boosted’s sleek online advertisement video maker was created to help small and medium sized business owners to reach audiences in a professional and impressive way. It has a library of templates, themes and images all available at your fingertips on the web and mobile. So, if you want to make adverts on a shoestring, but without compromising on style, look no further.

With social content forming an important part of your business strategy, and with more people shopping online than ever before, it’s an important part of the marketing mix to consider.

Whether you’re looking to grow your online business, extend your fanbase, or just tap in to unchartered territories, Boosted’s ad video maker will help you create awesome promo commercial video clips to give you the leg-up on your competition.

Create Your Commercial Video in 3 Quick Steps:

Find the right ad template
You’d be surprised with how many professional outlets use Boosted to create bespoke advertising campaigns. Whether it’s for PPC, your website, e-commerce or otherwise, it all starts with the right template. With hundreds to choose from, ranging from bright and uplifting, to fun and playful and sleek and professional, there’s no end of choices to play around with.
Populate your online ad video
Why have several apps for overlaying graphics, fonts, subtitles and filters, when you can use just one? Get populating your video with our easy to use ad video maker, featuring plenty of tools that will give you a superior edge when it comes to sharing your advertisement online. As a result, you can expect to grow users and get more social love!
Upload & publish your commercial
That’s it. Once you’re all finished, it couldn’t be easier to upload your video ad directly from your device to your social channels. Watch as your video advertisement racks up many, many views, and hopefully leads to more customers and conversions for your biz.
Great online video ad ideas to get going

If you think that you’ll only be making adverts or videos from time to time, then think again! Our intuitive app is much-loved by our users, allowing all to create awesome online video ads to promote their businesses, whether small, medium, or corporate.

In addition to our awesome advertisement video maker for advertising for your channels, you can also make promotional videos, how-to guides, about us content and much more. Here’s just a few video ideas for inspiration to put our advertisement video maker app to good use!

Demonstrate your product : How-to videos have grown in popularity through the years. Use Boosted to show-off your product in style, with great graphics and a soundtrack to boot!

Become a thought leader: If you want to feature on Forbes and the like, you first need to grow your personal profile. One way to do this is by becoming an authority in your field, something that video makers will help you achieve.

Drive sales: Create adverts around seasonal and promotional campaigns, to make the most of a willing audience to spend.

No matter your specific intent for your video strategy, having a social media video ad maker for ads, commercials, promo videos, and any other type of short video, can be crucial for increasing your audience reach on social media and overall online visibility of future, potential customers. 

3 Tips for pushing your video ads on the web

Not all content is created equally of course. So, if you want to turn heads and catch the attention of social media users, it’s time to level-up, here’s three ways how:

1. Get on the right platforms. If you’re limited on time and budget, try not to spread yourself too thinly. Instead opt for the platforms that matter to you, and where your audience spend most of their time. As an example, YouTube and Facebook are the most popular channels for video marketers used by 85 per cent and 79 per cent of them respectively.

2. Use branded hashtags. If you want to grow brand awareness, find a hashtag you can own and use it each time you post. Also, encourage users to do the same, and you will soon start to see it grow and take on a life of its own. This might be your brand name, your tagline or something intrinsic to your brand.

3. Post at the right time. Monitor feedback and research online to find out when your audience is at its most engaged. As common sense would suggest, this is the best way to find the right time to post.

Boosted's all-in-one video ad maker features:

Many Online Advertising Templates to Choose From
Mega Library of Ad Video Clips & Suitable Advertising Music
Getty Images Library Perfect for Online Video Ads
Customize Your Video Commercial
Advertisement-Ready Design for Sleek Video Commercials
Simple Implementation to Upload, Publish & Promote Your Business

Use video to take your brand’s social to the next level

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