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For any small or medium sized business, social media videos can serve as incredibly effective storytelling tool. Whatever business you’re in, storytelling is an essential job you’ll need to achieve if you want to grow your user base.

For this reason, video content has risen through the ranks as one of the most important tools we have to create and share content – a simple yet professional video maker is as important as ever.

Do this the right way, and you can expect to grow users, generate more likes, shares and receive plenty of positive comments and feedback.

If you’re looking to level-up your social media strategy, it’s time to consider your social media video making strategy…. and Boosted is here to help.

Create Social Media Video Ads in Just 3 Steps:


It starts with a template

There’s a whole host of social media templates ready for you to use. Best of all, these are fully optimized for each social platform: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more. If you’re looking for original content, you won’t find our themes anywhere else. So, whether you’re making promotional videos, behind-the-scenes stories, or otherwise, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


The most professional

Social media users have become very savvy in recent years, which means there’s even greater emphasis on making professional-looking social media videos. Boosted helps you achieve this in several ways. One of these is by giving you access to the coveted Getty Images library. Scour through the thousands of high-quality images available, and take your video to the next-level.


Fully Customizable

The best way for customers to recognise your brand, is by reflecting your brand fonts, colours and identity in your videos. Tapping into this, Boosted allows you to fully customize every aspect of your video, from graphics to colors, fonts to layout. And when you’re all done, you can instantly upload your optimized video straight to your social media channels.

There’s a Video for that…

There are endless opportunities for video making on social media. Be it a promotional sale, a new product launch or to optimize the busy Christmas period. But to get your business noticed in the first place, you’ll need to think of an effective storyline that is ideal for social media:

Behind-the-scenes: Show viewers a different side to your business, and take them behind-the-scenes into your world. This will bring them closer to what you do, and help drive brand awareness and loyalty.

Demonstration videos: Whatever the nature of your business, you can always entice users in by showing off your skills. Demo & instructional videos have become a popular way to do this.

Showcase deals: Use social media to drive sales, offers and promotions. Videos are a great way to show this off to your customers.

Every Social Media Platform: It seems like there is a dizzying amount of social platforms out there for a business to take advantage of. Boosted’s social media video maker is optimized for each one:

Facebook: Your Facebook page is waiting!
Instagram: 121 million IG users await you!
TikTok: Our TikTok maker is super easy to use.
LinkedIn: Corporate video ads made simple for LinkedIn.
Twitter: Get ready for more Tweets!
YouTube: The YouTube views are on their way!

Any Device: Our social media video maker is available on Android, iOS, and as a web desktop app. So whether you want to edit social media video ads from your web browser on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, or create stunning social media videos on your Android, Boosted has you covered.

5 Tips for Making Savvy Social Content

You don’t need to be a marketing guru to use Boosted’s social media video maker app. The intuitive interface and smart design makes it easy for users of any level. To make the most of your app, here’s 5 insider tips:

1. Cater to your audiences with thought: You’ll receive much better feedback if you make videos that are targeted specifically at each nice. For instance, keep fun videos for Instagram and TikTok, share professional business insight on LinkedIn.

2. Visual-up! It’s time to bring your A-game. Overlay your videos with text, graphics and filters to give your videos a professional feel.

3. To the point: The art of brevity should be applied to your social videos. The official recommendation is a mere 30-seconds long. This means being clear on your messages.

4. Make it for mobile: We live in mobile times, where social media is vastly consumed on mobile devices. With 88% of Facebook users alone using mobiles to read content, it’s wise to create videos that are fully optimised for mobile devices.

5. Hashtag well: Who doesn’t love a hashtag? One of the benefits of using Boosted is that it recommends hashtags suited to your story. This is proven way of driving social media traction on your social channels.

Whether you need sleek videos made simple for real estate, promo videos, or marketing & business, Boosted has the perfect app for you.

3 Social Media Video Maker Tips

Plan a Strategy

Any marketing platform that requires a constant stream of content also requires a strategy for that content. Social media is no different. Before you put your resources into the production of a video, take the time to develop a strategy that considers your target audience, brand personality, and objectives.

Include Accurate Subtitles

Consumers today are becoming increasingly vigilant in the demand for accessibility, diversity, and progression from the brands they support. One way you can show your dedication to accessibility is by adding accurate and readable subtitles to your video.

Include a CTA

You might not need a call to action (CTA) for every video you post to social media, but if the objective of a video is to get leads or sales, you’ll be more successful with a CTA. This is an early stage in your sales funnel, so make the CTA something that’s easy to do and doesn’t require any commitment.

Social Media Video Templates Ready for Immediate Download

A Huge Library of Video Clips & Music

Getty Images Library Perfect for Social Media Videos

Simple Customization for Making Social Media Videos

High-quality design for Social Media Integration

Trendy + Effective Social Media Content

3 Social Media Video Maker Ad Ideas


User-Generated Content

Across social media, users are more receptive to organic, user content than marketing. User-generated content does the work of building trust and connection for you, giving you an “in” with your audience. Implementing user-generated content in your social media videos can improve your ROI now and in the future.


Say Thank You

If you’ve recently reached a milestone or accomplished something that you wouldn’t have accomplished without your followers, saying “thank you” can be a great way to reinforce your connection with them. That connection will serve to improve brand loyalty and average customer lifetime value.


Case Studies

If you follow best practices and keep your social media video ads short, you probably won’t be able to fit a full case study into your allotted time, but you can create a condensed version that delivers the same message: your product or service benefited a consumer or business, and it can benefit the viewer, too.