What Should You Say in a Promo Video?

Not every promo video has talking audio. Sometimes music, pictures and captions are enough to get the key messages across.

However, for videos where talking audio is essential, creating a script is an effective way to organize your thoughts and ensure that you say everything you want to say clearly and concisely.

In fact, it’s extremely important to get the script right to capture the essence of your brand, attract the attention of your target audience, and sustain their engagement throughout the rest of the video—and beyond. And for promo video marketing, the right promo video script can be a real difference maker.

What Should You Say in a Promo Video? 

Assuming you’ve created an awesome promo video (with an online promo video maker), there are several different directions you could take when it comes to crafting your video script. These are dependent on your main goal, i.e. to promote a new product or build brand awareness, and your video content.

  • Brand-Focused: This is a video where you introduce yourself, your brand, and explain your mission and core values. It could be in the form of a behind-the-scenes look at your premises, a launch announcement showing your new store, or a face-to-face interview where you talk through your brand story.
  • Product-Focused: This type of video is where you showcase a new product and talk through its benefits and features. It could be in the style of a teaser, customer testimonial, or user-generated content.
  • Problem and Solution: This style of video basically outlines a problem and then introduces your product as the solution. It could be tips-based or a “how-to” tutorial and aim to educate your audience about a specific subject.
  • Informational: This kind of video is used to communicate significant news concerning your brand or offering, such as a special offer or exciting partnership.
  • Fictional Storytelling: This type of video uses an entertaining narrative to delight your audience, build positive associations around your brand, and create an online conversation. It’s essentially a cinematic short film featuring actors and actresses with a plot and script that subtly conveys key messages.
  • Endorsement: This is a video where you use celebrities or influencers for audience approval. It could consist of them discussing the product and trying it out for themselves on camera to leverage the power of their ready-made audience and ultimately boost sales.

If you’d rather keep your video script short and sweet, add captions to communicate the finer details using a social media video creation app like Boosted by Lightricks.

what to say in promo video

Top Tips for Writing a Promo Video Script

Writing a promo video script is more straightforward than you think if you follow these golden rules.

  • Write for Your Target Audience: Identify your primary customer profile and tailor your script for this person. How can you capture their attention? What language do they use? How can you trigger a positive response?
  • Remember Your Main Goal: Always keep your main goal in mind when you’re writing to ensure that you don’t stray away from the purpose of your promo video.
  • Outline the Key Messages: Start by noting down the most important points you need to cover and then build your script around them. Break it down into three parts. What needs to be said in the beginning to hook your audience? What needs to be said in the middle to keep them engaged? And what needs to be said at the end to inspire them to act?
  • Use Simple Language: Less is often more when it comes to video script writing. Be direct. Offer value. Leave out unnecessary fluff. 
  • Opt for Quality Over Quantity: Don’t have a set word count because this might overwhelm you. Just say what you need to say in the exact amount of words that you need to say it.
  • Include a Call-To-Action: Regardless of which direction you decide to go in, throw in a CTA at the end of your promo video to drive your audience to act, whether this is asking them to comment on the video, share it with their friends on social media, or visit your website.

Wouldn’t exactly call yourself a wordsmith? Not to worry—you could always hire a professional script writer from freelance marketplaces or content agencies to help you.

The Takeaway

Writing a promo video script that draws in your target audience, holds their attention, and triggers an emotional response to build trust and leads can be challenging. 

That said, get to the point with your key messages, refer back to your main goal, and use simple, engaging language that will appeal to the masses for optimal success.

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