7 Creative Ways to Use Video on Social Media

Does your social media strategy include video marketing? If not, your small business should get started with video ASAP! Videos are on the rise in 2021 with the average person spending 100 minutes EVERY DAY watching videos online. People are also looking for more video content from their favorite brands 66% of people said they would actually prefer to watch a video about a product instead of reading about it.

We know consumers love video content and are spending tons of time consuming videos, but is it really worth it for your small business to start creating videos for social media? Definitely. In fact, 88% of marketers have said video marketing resulted in positive ROI.

If you’re thinking, “video is just too hard and time-consuming to create for my small business!” you may have been right a few years back, but things have changed! Now, you can easily create stunning videos in 3 minutes or less with beautiful, ready-to-go templates from Boosted. Plus, with access to Getty stock photos and videos and easy to customize fonts and colors, it’s never been simpler for small businesses to begin posting videos that will instantly elevate their social media accounts.

So what types of video should you be creating? Here are 7 creative ways for small businesses to use video on social media:

1. Customer Testimonials

Get your customers involved in your videos! Ask a few of your biggest fans to send you a short video about why they love your small business and create a video featuring their testimonials to share to your social accounts.

Here’s some IGTV inspiration from Australian-based real estate brand @watt_realty:

2. Celebrate Fun Holidays

Who doesn’t love all of the just-for-fun holidays that are out there? Check out this site to see all of the engaging, and sometimes out-of-the-box holidays that are coming up in 2021. Pick out a few relevant holidays to celebrate on social media and create a video for each occasion.

Boosted even has a few templates ready to go, from Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day to National Dog Day:

3. Video Introduction

It’s great to re-introduce yourself on social media every once in a while, but just writing a long caption about yourself isn’t very engaging for your customers. If your social media accounts have recently grown and you haven’t introduced yourself to your new followers yet, create a video to tell them more about yourself! Not only will this be an easy video to create, but video content shows off more of your personality than a photo ever could.

Here’s a great way to re-introduce yourself on TikTok (video and sound by small biz @tasselamor):

If you’d like to recreate this video for your brand, simply check out the sound here and then select ‘use this sound’ to create your own content.

4. Motivational Monday

Inspirational quotes are already super popular on social media why not test out a video with some motivational quotes? You can search for quotes easily online (be sure to always give proper credit to the original author of the quote!) Then, check out the Boosted app to find inspiring ways to bring the motivational quote to life, like this template achieves:

5. Q&A Vlog

We already know videos are engaging and personable, which is why we love the idea of asking your customers what questions they have for you and then creating a vlog-style video to answer all of their questions.

This type of social media video would be great to save to your Instagram Story Highlights for your customers to easily access, anytime. Check out this blog post for tips on how to use Story Highlights strategically as a small business owner.

6. Advertise Your Upcoming Events

Have a virtual class or event coming up? Tell your followers everything they’ll need to know about it, in a video! Be sure to include: the value that they’ll gain by attending, where and when the event is taking place, as well as how they can participate or sign up.

Pilates Teacher @meno_pausing recently shared a video (created with Boosted!) to let her audience know about her upcoming virtual classes:

7. Photo Compilation

Don’t have any video content yet? Compile a few of your favorite videos to create a GIF-style video! Be sure to add fun music, pops of color and interesting fonts to help the video look more dynamic. And no worries if you don’t have many photos, you can access a huge Getty stock image library on the Boosted app.

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