TikTok Hashtag Strategies For Makeup Artists

When properly planned and implemented, marketing on TikTok can be wildly successful, especially for makeup artists! Makeup artists’ highly visual nature make them the ideal brand to use TikTok for their marketing strategy!

By looking at famous TikTok-ers, like Jai Mariah, or Vanessa from @cutcreaser – who currently has well over 2.6 million likes – it’s easy to see why mastering the ins and outs of TikTok can be a worthy investment. One of the most important tools to succeed on TikTok is by utilizing TikTok hashtags.

Below, we’ll go over the best Tikok hashtag strategies to help your TikTok videos reach larger audiences than ever before. 

Best Hashtag Strategies for Makeup Artists

Although it’s great to include popular hashtags on your videos, there should be more to your TikTok hashtag strategy than simply using the most popular hashtags. 

In fact, if you’re always using the same popular hashtags, especially repetitively on all of your posts, you can actually damage your chances of reaching a wider audience! Consistently using the same popular hashtags can cause the algorithm to flag your content as spammy.  

Therefore, it’s important only to use hashtags when they are actually relevant and descriptive of your content. 

With that in mind, there are a couple of other ways to use hashtags as part of your brand or marketing team’s overall strategy. 

For instance, branded hashtags are a great way to make your brand memorable and easy to search for, while also categorizing all of your content into the same place. Branded hashtags are simply hashtags that directly reflect your brand, voice, products, or services. 

So, for example, if you’re a makeup artist name Mindy, you might use a branded hashtag, such as #MakeupByMindy. This way, if a TikTok user were to click on the hashtag #MakeupByMindy, they’d be brought to a collection of any video that used this same tag. 

Alternatively, you can also use branded hashtags as part of a hashtag challenge, which can be a great way to stir up some hype and excitement about your makeup brand. A hashtag challenge consists of a brand launching a marketing campaign, where they encourage their customers to make short TikTok videos about its products, branding them with the predetermined branded hashtag. 

Above all else, it’s important to get creative with your use of hashtags. Switch up the hashtags you’re using often, use hashtags that are current and relevant, and always use a combination of popular and brand-specific hashtags as part of your overall TikTok marketing strategy. 

Check out @makeuptipstiktok for some TikTok hashtag tips:

25 Best Hashtags For Makeup Artists

While there are many different reasons to use TikTok hashtags, the most important thing is that you do, in fact, use them.

Not only will they help you sort and categorize your digital marketing, but they’ll also help you increase your brand’s reach and stir up hype at the same time. 

Below, we’ve compiled a quick list of some of the best hashtags to use as a makeup artist: 

#makeupartist #makeup #mua #makeuptutorial #beauty #makeuplover #makeupaddict #makeuplooks #makeupideas #fashion #love #photography #makeupoftheday #beautiful #model #like #instagood #wedding #instagram #bridalmakeup #art #follow #hudabeauty #skincare #makeuplook #makeupwedding #lashes #makeupwisuda #photooftheday #bhfyp

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